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  • The Ghost at the Table
    Author: Berne, Suzanne
    Publisher: Algonquin $ 23.95 ISBN: 1565123344 Date: 2006
    The Fiske family is gathered at the exquisitely restored New England home of the second of three sisters. The family table groans with the weight of guilt and blame. The result is the taut story of a 21st-century family's unraveling, played against a famous 19th-century writer's own family dysfunction.
    Suggested Reading: Twain
    Updated 7.27.06
  • The Book of the Heathen
    Author: Edric, Robert
    Publisher: Dunne $ 24.95 ISBN: 0312288883 Date: 2002
    1897. In an isolated station in the Belgian Congo, an Englishman is to be tried for the murder of a native child. Imprisoned in a makeshift jail, Nicholas Frere awaits the arrival of the Company's official investigator while his friend, James Frasier, attempts to discover the circumstances which surround the charge.
    The world around them is rapidly changing: the horrors of the Belgian Congo are becoming known and the flow of its once-fabulous wealth is drying up. Unrest flares unstoppably into violence.
    Frere's coming trial will seek to determine considerably more than the killing of a child. But at the heart of this conflict is a secret so dark, so unimaginable, that one man must be willingly destroyed by his possession of it, and the other must both sanction and participate in that destruction.
    In a narrative of ever-quickening and growing intensity, The Book of the Heathen explores notions of honor, friendship, justice and reason in a world where men have been forced by circumstance to descend into an abyss of savagery and terror. The Book of the Heathen is a stunning novel that truly evokes a Conradian heart of darkness. - Publisher Marketing
    Suggested Reading: Historical Fiction Stars
    Updated 9.9.02
  • Engleby
    Author: Faulks, Sebastian
    Publisher: Doubleday $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780385524056 Date: 2007
    star PW
    Bestselling British author Faulks reinvents the unreliable narrator with his singular, haunting creation Mike Engleby, who leads the reader down an unclear and often darkly humorous path where one is never completely comfortable or confident about what is true.
    Updated 7.16.07
  • The Exception
    Author: Jungersen, Christian
    Publisher: Talese $ 26 ISBN: 9780385516297 Date: 2007
    A bestseller throughout Europe, this unique and intelligent thriller delivers a gripping dissection of the nature of evil and of the paranoia and obsessions that drive ordinary people to commit unthinkable acts.
    Updated 5.11.07
  • The Portrait
    Author: Pears, Iain
    Publisher: Riverhead $ 24.95 ISBN: 1573222984 Date: 2005
    Set against the dramatic, untamed landscape of Brittany during one of the most explosive periods in art history, The Portrait is rich with atmosphere and suggestion, psychological complexity, and marvelous detail.
    Updated 3.10.05
  • Raveling
    Author: Smith, Peter Moore
    Publisher: Little Brown $ 23.95 ISBN: 0316442178 Date: 2000
    star Kirkusstar Library Journal
    In a stunning debut novel of psychological suspense, a man must uncover the secret of his sister's disappearance 20 years earlier, or lose his mind trying.
    Suggested Reading: Cold Cases | Debuts
    Updated 5/1/00

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