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Annotations are from Advance, the Ingram Book Magazine, unless noted.

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring: A Novel
    by Chevalier, Tracy
    Star PW
    With the precision and focus of an Old Master's painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring paints a vivid portrait of colorful 17th-century Delft, as well as the hauntingly poignant story of one young girl's rite of passage.
  • Circles of Confusion: A Clarie Montrose Mystery
    by Henry, April
    When DMV employee/sleuth Claire Montrose inherits a painting that looks as if it might be valuable, she encounters two men who are a little too eager to assist her in its appraisal.
  • The Dance of Geometry
    by Brian Howell
    Brian Howell has masterfully interwoven three imagined episodes from the life of Vermeer. Praised by Katherine Weber (The Music Lesson) and artist David Hockney, this novel provides insight into the artist's vision and the creative process. - From Publisher Marketing.
  • Girl in Hyacinth Blue
    by Vreeland, Susan
    Star Booklist Star PW Star Kirkus
    In Susan Vreeland's gentle and beautiful new book, the ownership of a supposed vermeer painting is traced back to the moment of its inspiration; and as the painting moves through each owner's hands, what was long hidden or forgotten or repressed quietly surfaces. Like Vermeer's paintings, this novel illuminates the poignantly dear moments in people's lives. Tied together by a collective admiration, even love, for the painting, Vreeland's characters remind us how beauty transforms and why we reach for it, what lasts and what in our lives is singular, and unforgettable.
  • The Music Lesson: A Novel
    by Weber, Katharine
    Star PW Star LJ
    A startling, contemplative literary thriller about a passionate love affair, a stolen painting, and a violent splinter group of the IRA, by the author of Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.
  • More novels about Vermeer or Flemish/Dutch art:

  • Tulip Fever
    Author: Moggach, Deborah
    Publisher: Delacorte $ 21.95 ISBN: 0385334893
    Star PW
    With critical raves from Britain and film rights already sold to Steven Spielberg, Tulip Fever is a tour de force set in 1630s Amsterdam - a tale about a smoldering passion that develops between a married woman and the artist painting her portrait.
  • Suggested Reading: Historical Fiction Stars

    And . . .
    The Red Hat by John Bayley
    The Recognitions by William Gaddis
    Landscape of Lies by Peter Watson


    • Vermeer: A View of Delft
      by Bailey, Anthony
      Publisher: Holt $ 27.50 ISBN: 0805067183 Date: 2001
      star LJ
      Bailey presents a compelling portrait of Vermeer's life and character as he recreates the atmosphere of the times, introduces Vermeer's contemporaries, and portrays his domestic life in vibrant detail. Bailey sheds light on the science and artistry behind the glorious, almost mystical, paintings.
    • The Golden Age of Dutch Art: Painting, Sculpture, Decorative Art
      by Kiers, Judikje
      Publisher: Thames $ 50 ISBN: 0500237743 Date: 2000
      star Library Journal
      This sumptuous survey illuminates the extraordinary riAugust 6, 2007enteenth century -- the Dutch Golden Age. It is published on the occasion of an ambitious exhibition organized to celebrate the bicentenary of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. - Publisher Marketing.

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