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  • An Illiad
    Author: Baricco, Alessandro
    Publisher: Knopf $ 21 ISBN: 030726355x Date: 2006
    starPW starKirkus
    The acclaimed author of the bestseller Silk now offers a bold reimagining of our civilization's greatest tale of war: the siege of Troy, as told through the voices of 21 Homeric characters in the narrative idiom of our modern imagination.
    Suggested Reading: Greece
    Updated 5.10.06
  • Achilles
    Author: Cook, Elizabeth
    Publisher: Picador $ 16 ISBN: 0312288840 Date: 2002
    starPW starBooklist
    Born of god and king, and hidden as a girl until Odysseus discovers him, Achilles becomes the Greeks' greatest warrior at Troy. This passionate retelling of the epic tale of Achilles recreates Homer's hero in a new and vivid reality.
    Suggested Reading: Historical Fiction Stars | Ancient Greece | Mythology Stars
    Updated 2/6/02
  • Lord of the Silver Bow: Troy
    Author: Gemmell, David
    Publisher: Del Rey $ 24.95 ISBN: 0345458354 Date: 2005
    starKirkus starLJ starPW
    This re-imagined Trojan War is the beginning of an epic trilogy. Readers will be introduced to Aeneas, Lord of the Silver Bow, a feared warrior who surrenders his heart to Andromache, who is betrothed to Hektor.
    Suggested Reading: All Stars | Legendary Characters
    Updated 8.8.05
  • Helen of Troy
    Author: George, Margaret
    Publisher: Viking $ 27.95 ISBN: 0670037788 Date: 2006
    starKirkus starPW
    From the bestselling author of Autobiography of Henry VIII, Memoirs of Cleopatra, and Mary, Called Magdalene, among others, comes a lush, seductive novel of the legendary beauty whose face "launched a thousand ships," the mythic woman who was Helen of Troy.
    Updated 6.5.06
  • An Arrow's Flight
    Author: Merlis, Mark
    Publisher: St. Martin's List Price: $ 24.95 ISBN: 0312186754 Date: 1998
    In this tour-de-force, the author of the award-winning American Studies tells the story of the Trojan War and Pyrrhus, the son of the fallen Achilles, now working as a go-go boy and hustler in the big city.
    Suggested Reading: Ancient Greece | Trojan War
  • The Songs of the Kings
    Author: Unsworth, Barry
    Publisher: Talese $ 26 ISBN: 0385501145 Date: 2003
    starKirkus starPW
    As the harsh wind holds the Greek fleet trapped in the straits at Aulis, frustration and political impotence turn into a desire for the blood of a young woman--blood that will appease the gods and allow the troops to set sail. High-sounding principles clash with private motives, and dark comedy ensues.
    Suggested Reading: Ancient Greece | Adult Books for Teens
    Updated 2.20.02


  • Lost and Found: The 9,000 Treasures of Troy - Heinrich Schliemann and the Gold That Got Away
    Author: Moorehead, Carolyn
    Publisher: Viking $ 24.95 ISBN: 0670856797 Date: 2006
    One of the enduring stories of the last century--now front-page news again the world over--is the astounding 1873 discovery by the first modern archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, of the lost gold of Priam, king of ancient Troy. Here journalist and biographer Caroline Moorehead explores Schliemann's extraordinary life and examines how he contrived to smuggle a multitude of treasures from his dig in Asia Minor to his government in Berlin. of photos.
    Updated 6.28.06

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