Trace: Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape
Once Upon a Yugoslavia: When the American Way Met Tito’s Third Way
Zoroaster’s Children: and Other Travels

In Other Words

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In Other Words
Wild by Nature: From Siberia to Australia, Three Years Alone in the Wilderness on Foot
Geek in Thailand: Discovering the Land of Golden Buddhas, Pad Thai and Kickboxing
Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain
All Monsters Must Die: An Excursion to North Korea
Apostle: Travels Among the Tombs of the Twelve
Thinking Person’s Guide To America’s National Parks
White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World
Following Fish: One Man’s Journey into the Food and Culture of the Indian Coast

Voyager: Travel Writings

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Voyager: Travel Writings
Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks
Kingdoms in the Air: Dispatches from the Far Away
Wonder Trail: True Stories from Los Angeles to the End of the World
Bitterroot – A Memoir: Echoes of Beauty & Loss
Run the World: My 3,500-Mile Journey Through Running Cultures Around the Globe
Sixty Degrees North: Around the World in Search of Home

On Trails: An Exploration

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On Trails: An Exploration
Glamour of Strangeness: Artists and the Last Age of the Exotic
Geography of Madness: Penis Thieves, Voodoo Death, and the Search for the Meaning of the World’s Strangest Syndromes
Geography of Genius: A Search for the World’s Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley
Windows of Brimnes: An American in Iceland
Oh, Florida!: How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country