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Nyx in NYC for BEA

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Jun 082012

Nyx went to Book Expo and stayed at the Eventi Hotel (Kimpton). She hung out while Mike did tourist stuff and Ann went to Library Journal’s Day of Dialog and BEA. The Eventi staff prepared a lovely welcome for Nyx. Nyx entertained visitors, including Talia, Robin, Janet, In My Book Robin and Lindsay.

  • Welcome from the Eventi Hotel Welcome from the Eventi Hotel
  • Nyx relaxes at the Eventi Hotel Nyx relaxes at the Eventi Hotel
  • Nyx at the Eventi Hotel Nyx at the Eventi Hotel
  • Nyx accepts Robin's (from In My Book) offering Nyx accepts Robin's (from In My Book) offering
  • Nyx and her offerings from Lindsay Nyx and her offerings from Lindsay
  • Nyx checking out of the Eventi Hotel Nyx checking out of the Eventi Hotel

Nov 182011

Nyx loves her tent (from Ikea) and her blue toy.  She spent most of today playing – she hauled her blue toy into her tent and then had a whacking good time. The tent went sideways and even upside down as the action intensified.


CATching up

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Jun 292011

Nyx is still pursuing her vendetta against all types of citrus fruit. She knocked an orange off of Teresa’s desk recently.

Her friend Linda C. sent her a very nice package containing several of her favorite mouse toys. Nyx is enjoying them very much and is grateful that Linda provided her with such a nice treat.

Another successful mouse hunt! – Nyx killed another mousie when she was home for the weekend. Mike came downstairs to find Nyx guarding her victim from Sooks (large greyhound mix). Nyx declined to share her mousie with either Mike or Sooks. Mike was able to obtain the mousie by trading a piece of chicken. Nyx accepted his offering and relinquished the mousie.

Jun 292011

This is a picture of Nyx sitting patiently in her cat carrier waiting for Ann to transport her away from work and home for the weekend.

Nyx regrets that Ann has been way to busy with work to keep her numerous fans apprised of her recent activities. Nyx hopes that Ann gets her priorities straight ASAP.

The Great Escapes

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Jan 132011
Nyx's Den

Nyx is a very curious cat with major moxie. Her work area at the library is separated from the much larger work area outside the office door. Her co-workers usually keep the door closed ( with a sign on the door that says “don’t let the cat out, no matter what she says”). Recently we have been experimenting with blocking the doorway with a library book cart so we can have a better distribution of heat and also be able to monitor deliveries, etc.

Nyx has escaped four times. Each time she makes a break for it we make further improvements to the library cart barricade – adding cardboard from boxes and other bafflers. Since she can’t easily wedge herself through a space on the barricade she has now taken to using brute force. She butts the cart with her shoulder and head and on at least one occasion she managed to get out.

She first escaped the week after Christmas when it was just the two of us working. Nyx doesn’t like to be left unattended or unadored. She often squeaks and wails in protest when she feels she has been abandoned. I made a visit to my litter box area and then made a detour for chocolate. When I walked back into the workroom and I found Nyx waiting for me outside the office area.

One night I was working late and realized that it had been awhile since Nyx had made her presence known to me. Usually she is nearby to assist me by turning on the speaker phone, typing, rearranging my pens, guarding paperwork… I went looking for her and found the book cart pushed aside. I went into frantic search mode. Nyx finally sauntered up to me, covered in dust bunnies and very pleased with herself.

This is a video of Nyx inspecting the book cart barricade and trying to achieve “out”.


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Nov 172010

Ok, this video requires some explanation – when Nyx is home on the weekends we play. I make brrrweeep noises and we chase each other up and down the stairs and around the house. Fortunately a blind cat can’t see how silly this looks. I decided to play brrrwweep (no set spelling) at work today. You probably need to sound up to get the full effect…