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Oct 282010
Nyx stalks the meekat village

Nyx had both tricks and treats at work. More photos are located on the Nyx Pics Halloween page. More videos are found on the Nyx Flix page.

Nyx stalks the meerkat village

M is for Meow!

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Jul 302010

m is for meowNyx received a special treat this week. Helen Wilbur, author of M is for Meow: A Cat Alphabet sent her a personalized signed copy of the book (illustrated by Robert Papp). Nyx agrees that she is a cool cat, and thinks Helen Wilbur (former librarian and current cat person) is pretty cool also.
M is for Meow

Nyx stayed busy at work this week spending a good portion of time contending with a cricket that made the mistake of thinking the library is a quiet and safe place.  She was an active participant in a conference call with a library vendor – she was not allowed to stomp on the phone though she seemed to want to share her opinions rather loudly.

She also visited with the folks at Town and Country Vet when she seemed to be confused and out of  balance again. She may have some neurological issue that causes something like vertigo every so often. Her ears were gunky so ear cleaning will be added to her personal care regime.

At the moment she is nestled next to Ann and  the house guest for the next week, Ellie Roo the dog.

Jul 092010

Nyx handled her first field trip with aplomb. She traveled from Richmond, VA to Washington D.C. for the American Library Association annual conference along with her entourage (Ann & Mike). She approved of the Hotel Helix and held court in the room as she met with several favorite fans. She ventured down to happy hour at the hotel lounge but did not partake holding out for catnip and treats via room service.

She was allowed to visit the exhibits and her first stop was to visit Talia, Peter and Ben at the Macmillan booth where she hung out with Talia and checked out what was underneath the booth tables. She moved on to the Sisters In Crime booth where Donna Andrews took video of her meeting with Sandra Parshall and Sheila Connolly. Nyx also visited with Doris Ann Norris. Next stop was Algonquin/Workman where she met Ina and Carla. After all the excitement (including cab rides) she napped out for awhile back in the room.

Virginia at HarperCollins invited Ann to the Gala Author Tea (always a great line up of authors) and since Talia had extra seats at her table she invited Mike and Nyx to attend. Braving a fierce thunderstorm Mike and Nyx arrived in time to hear Heidi Durrow and Laura Lippman. Nyx was very well behaved and probably would have allowed Talia to climb into her carrier with her if it was physically possible. After the tea Nyx hung out in the hall of the Mayflower Hotel and met with some of the tea party attendees. She met several new publishing pals and greeted Laura Lippman.

Part of ALA is all about collecting some free bling and Nyx acquired a cool TRAVELING TO MARS (Mary Roach) luggage tag compliments of Golda at Norton and a Knuffle Bunny luggage tag (which Mike coveted but gave up for Nyx). So now her cat carrier is well tagged…

She missed meeting Jessica Moyer, Helen Chin, Virginia and a few other folks but all in all she had a good conference and is already thinking about the conference next June in New Orleans.

Here are some video links from her adventures:
Talia & Nyx
cat carrier
SINC booth
Nyx checking and checking out the Hotel Helix
Nyx on the bed Hotel Helix

Nyx Names

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Jul 092010

Nyx has many nick names, here are a few most often used by those who know her well: Nyxie, widget, snippet, little one, kittee, doll baby, princess, sweetie pie…

Jun 272010

Nyx has been very busy – happy hour on Thursday at the Hotel Helix, visits with Charli, Judy, Angela, Resa, Erica and others and an exciting visit at the ALA exhibits. She visited Macmillan, Algonquin, HarperCollins and Sisters In Crime. She met with Talia, Ben, Peter, Ina, Carla, Doris Ann, Donna Andrews, Sandra Parshall, Hank Ryan Phillipi, Ellen Crosby, Daniel Stashower and others. She was allowed onto the exhibit floor by charming a very nice security guard who appreciates rescue cats. She handled the visit with aplomb but wasn’t so thrilled about the trip back to the hotel room. She was treated to a taxi ride to the conference center but was escorted back to the hotel by Mike who hauled her cat carrier while on foot.

She will be hosting a soiree tomorrow evening after the Printz Awards.

Several additional posts are on Facebook…

Jun 162010

Nyx will be going to the American Library Association’s annual conference in Washington D.C.  She will be staying in style with Ann & Mike at the Kimpton Hotel Helix. The Kimpton Hotels are very pet friendly and she will have a litter box and cat bed waiting for her on arrival. But not a Kimpton pet goldfish…

She will be meeting some of her libraryland admirers and enjoying a break from her hard work at the library.

ALA Annual Conference
Kimpton Hotels – hosPETality