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About Nyx


Nyx was born with deformed eyes (probably in the late spring of 2008). She was rescued from a grocery store parking lot and later was taken in by the Henrico Humane Society where she received surgery to remove her deformed eyes and to close her eye lids. Thanks to the Henrico Humane Society and a pet adoption at Petco in Richmond,  Ann discovered Nyx and was besotted.

Ann’s husband Mike felt (rightly so) that 2 dogs and 3 cats were enough to contend with so Ann came up with plan B.  After consulting with her co-workers, library administration,  and various county departments the Collection Management staff of the Chesterfield County Public Library submitted a request to adopt Nyx (or Stevie as she was known then) and the request was approved!

Nyx came to her new library digs on Oct 21, 2008. She is an active member of the CCPL Collection Management team. Her duties include providing stress relief and team building.

She may have special needs, but she is special because we have come to need her.

Nyx is fairly fearless, fun and has a turbo powered purr that almost never stops. She can be very chatty and emits a range of noise including burbles, and assorted pigeon noises. She hardly every hisses even when confronted with the unexpected.

She has sussed out the office area and settled in to enjoy herself. A professional cushion and cream cat, she mingles with staff but doesn’t interfere with the department’s work flow. Her favorite spot is her cat condo which is located in a prime sunny spot.

Named after the Greek goddess of night, Nyx rules the CM department and is worshiped by Ann, Ginger, Teresa, Jocelyn and Brenda and other staff.   She helps check in library materials, rides on library carts, attends staff meetings, takes part in team building, prowls for intruders (especially edible bugs) and provides stress relief. On weekends and holidays she goes home with Ann and terrorizes the other animals.

Henrico Humane  Society article about Nyx.

Cats with eye problems – Nyx admires Ghost who has the same condition she has – Anophthalmia.

We strongly suspect Nyx has a more than a bit of British Blue in her kitty genes. She is a pastel/dilute calico, with a sturdy build and a plush coat (which sprouts cowlicks even after furmination). She is smart, likes attention, and appreciates being close to her people (ok, she stalks Ann and sometimes the house cats/dogs on weekends). She learns small tricks on her own (sometimes we call her circus cat). Nyx’s paws look very Blueish – very plush. And she would like it noted that she is supposed to have a heavy build and strong bone structure and that she is *not* chubby but cobby. This could change unless we are brutal about limiting her access to people food (she loves naan, wasabi seaweed snacks, cheese, bread, sweets, etc.) She is very food motivated…

The British Blue breed may have originated in Roman times – so perhaps we should have gone with the Roman version of her name (Nox) rather than the Greek.

Notable fictional Blues include: The Cheshire Cat, Greebo (Terry Pratchett/Discworld) and Winston Churchill (Pet Sematary) were blue based.
More information: Wikipedia | CFA

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