All Stars 2007

Fiction titles which received three or more starred reviews from major review sources.

Annotated lists of books receiving at least one starred review from one of four major review sources: Booklist, Kirkus, LJ and PW. The review source assigns the star.
  • Lost City Radio
    Author: Alacron, Daniel
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780060594794 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star LJ star Booklist
    Alarcon's highly anticipated new novel is the story of three people searching for answers in a country ravaged by war. War by Candlelight, the author's debut story collection, was a finalist for the 2006 PEN Hemingway Award.
    Updated 12.28.06
  • The Yiddish Policeman's Union
    Author: Chabon, Michael
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 26.95 ISBN: 9780007149827 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star Booklist star LJ
    The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay pens an homage to the stylish menace of 1940s noir, in a novel that imagines if Alaska, not Israel, had become the homeland for the Jews after World War II.
    Updated 3.2.07
  • Finn
    Author: Cinch, Jon
    Publisher: Random $ 23.95 ISBN: 9781400065912 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star PW star LJ
    In this masterful debut novel, Clinch takes readers on a journey into the history and heart of one of American literature's most brutal and mysterious figures: Huckleberry Finn's father. The result is a deeply original tour de force that springs from Twain's classic novel but takes on a fully realized life of its own.
    Suggested Reading: Debuts | Twain
    Updated 1.17.06
  • Medicus
    Author: Downie, Ruth
    Publisher: Bloomsbury $ 23.95 ISBN: 9781596912311 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star Booklist star LJ
    Gaius Petrius Ruso is a divorced and down-on-his luck army doctor who has made the rash decision to seek his fortune in an inclement outpost of the Roman Empire, namely Britannia. When he rescues an injured slave girl, she drags trouble in her wake.
    Updated 11.1.06
  • Measuring Time
    Author: Habila, Helon
    Publisher: Norton $ 13.95 ISBN: 9780393052510 Date: 2007
    star PW star Kirkus star LJ
    A thrilling, epic story from a major new international talent. A novel of ardent loyalty, encroaching modernity, political desire, and personal liberation, Measuring Time is a heart-wrenching history of Nigeria, portrayed through the eyes of a single family. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 12.28.06
  • The Dead Fathers Club
    Author: Haig, Matt
    Publisher: Viking $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780670038336 Date: 2007
    star PW star Kirkus star Booklist
    Eleven-year-old Philip Noble has a big problem. It all begins when his dad appears as a ghost at his own funeral and introduces Philip to the Dead Fathers Club. Philip learns the truth about ghosts: the only people who end up ghosts are MURDERED. So begins Philip's quest to avenge his dad. Hilariously funny, it is full of poignant insights into the strange workings of the world seen through the eyes of a child.
    Suggested Reading: Ghosts | Shakespeare
    Updated 12.1.06
  • Tree of Smoke
    Author: Johnson, Denis
    Publisher: FSG $ 27.50 ISBN: 9780374279127 Date: 2007
    star PW star Booklist star LJ
    This book chronicles the story of Skip Sands--spy-in-training, whos engaged in psychological operations against the Vietcong--and the disasters that befall him thanks to his famous uncle, a war hero known in intelligence circles simply as the Colonel.
  • In the Country of Men
    Author: Matar, Hisham
    Publisher: Dial $ 22 ISBN: 9780385340427 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star PW star LJ
    In 1979 Libya, nine-year-old Suleiman endures his mother's increasingly disturbing bedside stories full of old family bitterness. His father is away on business (again), and Suleiman is soon caught up in a world he cannot hope to understand in this novel that offers a stunning depiction of a child confronted with the private fallout of a public nightmare.
    Updated 10.25.06
  • Consumption
    Author: Patterson, Kevin
    Publisher: Talese $ 25 ISBN: 9780385520744 Date: 2007
    starPWstarLJ star Kirkus
    A penetrating portrait of generational divisions and cultural dissonance, this novel illuminates how the tenuous bonds of friendship, love, and family fly apart--and the unexpectedly tender ways in which survivors carry on.
    Updated 6.27.07
  • The Bastard of Istanbul
    Author: Shakfa, Elif
    Publisher: Viking $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780670038343 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star LJ star Booklist
    Updated 11.1.06
  • Ten Days in the Hills
    Author: Smiley, Jane
    Publisher: Knopf $ 26 ISBN: 9781400040612 Date: 2007
    star PW star Booklist star LJ
    This glorious new novel from the Pulitzer Prize winner is a big, smart, bawdy tale of love and war, sex and politics, friendship and betrayal--and the allure of the movies.
    Updated 2.19.07
  • Mothers and Sons
    Author: Toibin, Colm
    Publisher: Scribner $ 24 ISBN: 9781416534655 Date: 2007
    star Kirkus star LJ star Booklist
    Following his "Los Angeles Times" Book Prize winner The Master, Toibin has written a resonant, heartbreaking collection of stories.
    Updated 12.28.06
  • Cheating at Canasta
    Author: Trevor, William
    Publisher: Viking $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780670018376 Date: 2007
    star PW starBooklist star LJ star Kirkus
    The publication of a new book by William Trevor is a great literary event. Trevor's precise and unflinching insights into the hearts and lives of ordinary people are evidenced once again in this stunning new collection. From a chance encounter between two childhood friends to the memories of a newly widowed man to a family grappling with the sale of their ancestral land, Trevor examines with grace and skill the tenuous bonds of our relationships, the strengths that hold us together, and the truths that threaten to separate us. Subtle yet powerful, his stories linger with the reader long after the words have been put away. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 8.27.07

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