Christian Fiction Stars

Annotated lists of books receiving at least one starred review from one of four major review sources: Booklist, Kirkus, LJ and PW. The review source assigns the star.
  • Last Resort: A Hideaway Novel
    Author: Alexander, Hannah
    Publisher: Steeple Hill $ 12.95 ISBN: 0373785402 Date: 2005
    star LJ
    When 12-year-old Clarissa Cooper is abducted near her home, her cousin Noelle rushes to Hideaway to help in the search. Reunited with her childhood friend Nathan Trask, Noelle steps into a web of secrets that has haunted her family for generations.
    Updated 6.9.05
  • Rekindled
    Author: Alexander, Tamera
    Publisher: Bethany $ 12.99 ISBN: 0764201085 Date: 2006
    star LJ
    When her husband disappears, Kathryn Jennings is flung into the world of ranching, banking, and business. Most disconcerting of all is the uncanny familiarity she feels toward the badly scarred ranch hand who works in the dark shadows of the horse stables.
    Updated 1.31.06
  • A Light To My Path
    Author: Austin, Lynn
    Publisher: Bethany $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 1556614446 Date: 2004
    star LJ
    Kitty, a house slave, always figured it was easiest to do what she'd always done--obey Missy and follow orders. But when word arrives that the Yankees are coming, Kitty is faced with a decision: continue to follow the bidding of her owners, or embrace this chance for freedom?
    Updated 11.2.04
  • All She Ever Wanted
    Author: Austin, Lynn
    Publisher: Bethany $ 13.99 ISBN: 0764228897 Date: 2005
    star LJ
    A masterful tale of family secrets, forgiveness, and reconciliation, in the bestselling tradition of Eve's Daughters and Hidden Places.
    Updated 11.1.05
  • Birth of an Age: The Christ Clone Trilogy, Book Two
    Author: BeauSeigneur, James
    Publisher: Warner $ 18.95 ISBN: 044653126x Date: 2003
    star Kirkus
    In book two of the Christ Clone Trilogy, Christopher Goodman--cloned from the ancient cells of Jesus Christ--is forced to sit back and watch the seeming destruction of Earth in order to fulfill his destiny.
    Updated 5.9.03
  • With this Ring, I'm Confused
    Author: Billerbeck, Kristen
    Publisher: Westbow $ 14.99 ISBN: 1595540334 Date: 2005
    star LJ
    In this third book in the popular series by Billerbeck, Ashley Stockingdale has finally found that nice, good-looking Christian guy who actually wants to commit. Will she make it to the altar with her sanity intact?
    Updated 6.9.05
  • Let the Church Say Amen
    Author: Billingsley, Reshonda Tate
    Publisher: Pocket $ 13 (paper) ISBN: 0743477146 Date: 2004
    star LJ
    "In her riveting second novel, ReShonda Tate Billingsley -- winner of the Gold Pen Award for Best New Author for My Brother's Keeper -- crafts a bold and heartwarming story of family and faith that will inspire readers everywhere." - Publishers Marketing
    Updated 9.20.04
  • Delirious Summer
    Author: Blackston, Ray
    Publisher: Revell $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 0800759583 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    To Neil Rucker, seven months, one week, and a day is too long to wait in between dates. But life as a Spanish language teacher to missionaries in Ecuador affords little opportunity for romance. When his worst student, Jay Jarvis, suggests a respite in Greenville, South Carolina, so begins Neil's delirious summer.
    Suggested Reading List: Adult Books for Teens
    Updated 6.10.04
  • Abigail's Story
    Author: Burton, Ann
    Publisher: Signet $ 5.99 ISBN: 045121479x Date: 2005
    star Booklist
    A compelling new series that focuses on the courageous women of the Bible begins with the story of Abigail. As Abigail grows to love David, the warrior-son of Jesse, David faces her husband, Nabal, in a senseless war that destroys Abigail's hope for peace.
    Updated 6.20.05
  • The Storyteller's Collection: Tales of Faraway Places
    Author: Carlson, Melody (com)
    Publisher: Multnomah $ 16.99 ISBN: 1576737381 Date: 2000
    blackstar.jpg - 947 Bytes Booklist
    Short works by some of CBA's best-loved fiction authors--including Jerry Jenkins, Randy Alcorn, Terri Blackstock, Deborah Raney and Angela Elwell Hunt--are compiled in one gripping volume. These masterfully told short stories transport readers around the globe with amazing tales of international romance, mystery and humor.
    Updated 10/10/00
  • Crystal Lies
    Author: Carlson, Melody
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 12.99 ISBN: 1578568404 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    Updated 10.4.04
  • Crimson Eve
    Author: Collins, Brandilyn
    Publisher: Zondervan $ 13.99 ISBN: 9780310252252 Date: 2007
    star LJ
    In book three of the Kanner Lake Series, the secluded beauty of northern Idaho offers no permanent hiding place from the past for Carla Radling. The secret from her teenage years has caught up with her--and now Carla's life and the nations future hinge on a lethal game of hide-and-seek.
    Updated 9.24.07
  • Bad Ground
    Author: Cramer, W. Dale
    Publisher: Bethany $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 076422784x Date: 2004
    star PW star Booklist star LJ
    To honor his mother's dying wish, 17-year-old Jeremy seeks out his bitter, estranged uncle. Despite his uncle's protests, he takes a job as a miner where his faith is tested by gritty coworkers, the threat of danger . . . and the possibility of love.
    Suggested Reading List: All Stars
    Updated 6.1.04
  • Levi's Will
    Author: Cramer, W. Dale
    Publisher: Bethany $ 13.99 ISBN: 0764229958 Date: 2005
    star LJ star Booklist
    Nineteen-year-old Will leaves behind his pregnant girlfriend when he flees his Amish community in pursuit of a new life. Years later, Will is unable to regain his father's respect. Can he learn that love, not work, will heal the past and give hope to his family's future?
    Updated 6.20.05
  • Summer of Light
    Author: Cramer, W. Dale
    Publisher: Bethany $ 13.99 ISBN: 9780764229961 Date: 2007
    Summer of Light introduces Mick Brannigan, a thirty-something construction worker. After a bizarre accident, circumstances beyond his control force him out of his role as a respected tradesman and into the ignominious position of a stay-at-home dad. Wife Layne returns to a law firm, and she chafes at their role reversal--partly because she'd rather be the one staying home, but mainly because she's not at all confident that he is up to the task of training and shaping the character of their three young children. Mick dives in to manage the house and children, five acres of land, and a menageric of animals including a goat and a diabolically intelligent dog, and he and Layne discover new depth and truths about what's important in life. - Publisher Marketiing
    Updated 1.16.07
  • Lethal Harvest
    Author: Cutrer, William
    Publisher: Kregal $ 10.99 (trade paper) ISBN: 0825423716 Date: 2000
    star Booklist
    A brilliant embryologist-the nephew of the president of the United States-is dead. The freakish accident that sent Dr. Tim Sullivan's car plunging into an icy river has left troubling questions: Why is his in vitro fertilization clinic suddenly mired in a lawsuit? What was the nature of the embryo research with which he was obsessed? Is the president somehow involved?
    Updated 10/10/00
  • Skin
    Author: Dekker, Ted
    Publisher: Westbow $ 24.99 ISBN: 9781595542779 Date: 2007
    A twisting, unpredictable story of revenge with a shocking premise and numerous reversals, this radically countercultural story asks the question, "what is beauty?" Far more than a philosophical question, its a matter of life and death when a serial killer blazes into Summerville, Nevada.
    Updated 5.1.07
  • Adam
    Author: Dekker, Ted
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson $ 25.95 ISBN: 9781595540072 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    New York Times bestselling author Dekker unleashes his most riveting novel yet about an elusive serial killer whose victims die of unknown causes and the psychologist obsessed with catching him.
    Updated 4.24.08
  • River Rising
    Author: Dickson, Athol
    Publisher: Bethany $ 17.99 ISBN: 076420162X Date: 2006
    star Booklist
    In 1927 Louisiana, Rev. Hale Poser arrives in the bayous of Pilotville, looking for his roots. In the swamp beyond the cypress lies a lingering evil. For years it slept in dreadful isolation. Now comes Hale Poser, and it will sleep no more.
    Updated 1.21.06
  • Winter Haven
    Author: Dickson, Athol
    Publisher: Bethany $ 18.99 ISBN: 9780764201646 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    In this exquisitely-crafted suspense novel, one woman's search for answers into her brother's death opens dark secrets in a town's past--and explores God's response to her questions.
    Updated 4.24.08
  • First the Dead
    Author: Downs, Tim
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson $ 22.99 ISBN: 9781595540249 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Forensic entomologist Nick Polchek realizes that some of the bodies hes seeing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were dead prior to the storm. Nick must fight a desperate race against time and decomposing evidence--and the orders of his superiors--to raise the truth.
    Updated 10.31.07
  • The Duet
    Author: Elmer, Robert
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 1578567408 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    When widower Gerrit Vandekamp takes his granddaughter to piano lessons one day, he finds himself drawn to her music teacher, a woman unlike any he has known. Neither can predict how their duet will sound as they practice the music of renewed hope and second chances.
    Updated 4.6.04
  • The Celebrity
    Author: Elmer, Robert
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 12.99 ISBN: 1578567416 Date: 2005
    star Booklist
    Caught between a charade and the Truth, singer Jamie D. Lane assumes a new identity, secretly slips away from his celebrity lifestyle, and heads to the Pacific Northwest incognito. But what he finds in small-town Washington could open up Jamie's future and change him forever.
    Updated 5.26.05
  • Joshua's Family
    Author: Girzone, Joseph F.
    Publisher: Doubleday $ 19.95 ISBN: 9780385517140 Date: 2007
    In this follow-up to The Parables of Joshua, Girzone travels back in time, painting a captivating portrait of the mother and father who nurtured Joshua, and of the friends and neighbors who viewed the unusually precocious child with an uneasy balance of wonder and skepticism.
    Updated 5.1.07
  • Stones of My Accusers
    Author: Groot, Tracy
    Publisher: Moody $12.99 (paper) ISBN: 0802431062 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    In this stand-alone sequel to The Brother's Keeper, the transforming difference that Christ's mercy makes on each character's life is forever impacted by the amazing mercy of God.
    Updated 1.15.04
  • Madman
    Author: Groot, Tracy
    Publisher: Moody $ 12.99 ISBN: 0802463622 Date: 2006
    star PW
    From the author of The Brother's Keeper comes a tale of mystery, horror, and hope in the midst of unimaginable darkness, the story behind the Geresene demoniac of the gospels of Mark and Luke.
    Updated 2.21.06
  • Home to Harmony
    Author: Gulley, Philip
    Publisher: Multnomah $ 14.99 (trade paper) ISBN: 157673616x Date: 2000
    blackstar.jpg - 947 Bytes Booklist
    In the small town of Harmony, Indiana, Sam Gardner is called as pastor of his hometown church. In this novel told in first person, Sam describes in a warm, down-home style the humorous adventures he encounters in his first year at Harmony Friends Meeting. Author Philip Gulley tackles the sticky issues of grace, faith and forgiveness through skillful storytelling, subtly introducing lessons on the power of relationships with each other and God.
    Updated 10/10/00
  • Boo
    Author: Gutteridge, Rene
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 11.99 (paper) ISBN: 1578565731 Date: 2003
    star Booklist
    The biggest thing to happen to Skary, Indiana, is renowned horror novelist Wolfe Boone-or, "Boo," as the locals fondly call him. For the past sixteen years, the reclusive writer has been the town's greatest attraction, having unintentionally turned the once-struggling Skary into a thriving tourist-trap for the dark side: from the Haunted Mansion restaurant, famous for its "bloody fingers" (fries splattered with ketchup) to Spooky's Bookstore (where employees dress like the walking dead).

    But when a newly reformed Wolfe suddenly quits the genre and subsequently starts to pursue Skary's favorite girl-next-door, Ainsley Parker, the little town made famous by his writings becomes truly horrified. Soon, a scheme is plotted to put the fright back into Skary-and get their most famous resident out of love and back into the thrill business.
    Filled with humor, small town charm, and a gentle message of enduring faith, Boo shows how even the most colorful group of busybodies and hypocrites can become a community changed forever by God. - Publisher Marketing.
    Updated 10.8.03
  • Splitting Storm
    Author: Gutteridge, Rene
    Publisher: Heartquest $ 9.97 ISBN: 0842386025 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    In this gripping novel with underlying themes of faith and spiritual blindness, FBI agent Mick Klein embarks on a journey to discover the truth about his brother's murder.
    Updated 10.4.04
  • The Light of Eidon
    Author: Hancock, Karen
    Publisher: Bethany $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 0764227947 Date: 2003
    star Booklist
    The first novel in a new dynamic series follows the life of Abramm Kalladorne in his turbulent search for truth and self--a search that will transform him from a sickly, head-in-the-clouds youth to a legendary hero of strength and courage.
    Updated 10.8.03
  • True Valor
    Author: Henderson, Dee
    Publisher: Multnomah $ 11.99 (trade paper) ISBN: 1576738876 Date: 2002
    star Booklist
    In this second book in the Uncommon Heroes series, Air Force pararescueman Bruce "Striker" Stanton must save his love, a pilot, when she crash lands in Turkey after a deadly air battle.
    Updated 1/24/02
  • Fallen Angels
    Author: Hickman, Patricia
    Publisher: Warner $ 12.95 ISBN: 044691011 Date: 2003
    star Booklist
    Award-winning author Hickman presents the first installment in the Millwood Hollow series about an unlikely hero and a trio of abandoned siblings struggling for survival in the South during the Great Depression.
    Updated 6.25.03
  • Grace in Thine Eyes
    Author: Higgs, Liz Curtis
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 13.99 ISBN: 1578562597 Date: 2006
    star LJ
    Readers can rediscover the Genesis story of Dinah through a 19th-century Scottish lens in Grace in Thine Eyes, a tale of passion, revenge, lost innocence, and cruel retribution.
    Suggested Reading: Christian Fiction
    Updated 4.3.06
  • The Justice
    Author: Hunt, Angela Elwell
    Publisher: W $ 15.99 (trade paper) ISBN: 0849916313 Date: 2002
    star Booklist
    A gripping political mystery about the first woman president of the United States examines the corrupt side of government and the intense impact produced when Christ changes a life.
    Updated 1/24/02
  • Uncharted: Expect the Unexpected
    Author: Hunt, Angela Elwell
    Publisher: Westbow $ 19.99 ISBN: 0849944848 Date: 2006
    blackstar.jpg - 947 Bytes Booklist
    Six college friends meet up at their friend's funeral, and out of loyalty to him, they grant his last request when they embark on a journey at sea -- a journey that takes them farther than they'd ever want to go as they land on an uncharted island where all is not as it first appears. - Publisher Marketing
    Suggested Reading: Christian Fiction Stars
    Updated 4.17.06
  • A Tendering in the Storm
    Author: Kirkpatrick, Jane
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 13.99 ISBN: 9781578567355 Date: 2007
    This lyrical novel gives voice to a mother's fears for her family and a woman's search for her truest self in the second book of the Change and Cherish series set in the 1850s in a remote coastal forest of the Washington Territory.
    Updated 5.1.07
  • Sunday Clothes
    Author: Lemmons, Thom
    Publisher: Broadman & Holman $ 14.99 ISBN: 0805727635 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    Addie Caswell finds herself in a precarious position in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century South, especially for a young girl from a religious, proud family. Addie falls in love with a traveling Church of Christ salesman, much to the disapproval of her stern, Methodist father. Defying her father in the face of estrangement, she marries Zeb, only to be betrayed by his subsequent infidelities. Alone but determined, Addie must find redemption as she comes to terms with her faith and the healing power of family and relationships. - Publisher Marketing.
    Updated 4.6.04
  • The Preacher's Daughter
    Author: Lewis, Beverley
    Publisher: Bethany $ 13.99 ISBN: 0764201050 Date: 2005
    star LJ
    A new series from "The New York Times" bestselling author of the"Abram's Daughters" series begins a remarkable journey of heartache and homespun delight. Paradise, Pennsylvania, seems like a dead-end street for Annie Zook, the preacher's eldest daughter who is expected to join the Amish church, but is "still deciding."
    Updated 11.1.05
  • A Window to the World
    Author: Meissner, Susan
    Publisher: Harvest House $ 11.99 ISBN: 0736914145 Date: 2005
    star Booklist
    Megan and Jen, who meet in first grade and become inseparable friends until one of them is snatched by kidnappers as the other watches helplessly. Sixteen years later, the stunning truth of the disappearance is revealed--and lives are changed forever.
    Updated 5.26.05
  • Wild Rose
    Author: Morren, Ruth Axtell
    Publisher: Steeple Hill $ 12.95 (paper) ISBN: 0373785275 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    An outcast all her life, Geneva Patterson endures the cruel taunts of the townspeople. Once a respected sea captain, Caleb Phelps moves to her small Maine town after he is accused of a shameful crime. Through God's grace, Geneva and Caleb try to find redemption and love.
    Updated 10.4.04
  • Not a Sparrow Falls
    Author: Nichols, Linda
    Publisher: Bethany House $ 16.99 ISBN: 0764227556 Date: 2002
    star Booklist
    In this powerful story of redemption and love, a prodigal young woman from the hills of Virginia flees the men who have lured her away from a godly upbringing into a life of desperation. A heart-tugging tale about the extraordinary struggles that turn ordinary people into heroes.
    Updated 8.13.02
  • The Assignment
    Author: Olsen, Mark Andrew
    Publisher: Bethany $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 076422817x Date: 2004
    star LJ
    In his first solo novel, Olsen poses the question: What if the Restrainer of II Thessalonians, an immortal man, flawed and discouraged over his inability to better succeed at his immense mission to restrain evil in the world, is discovered? And what if at a time when the world hangs on the precipice of a third world war, this man is given one final opportunity to do battle with the Evil One?
    Updated 6.1.04
  • Monster
    Author: Peretti, Frank E.
    Publisher: Westbow $ 24.99 ISBN: 084991180x Date: 2005
    star LJ
    Miles away from the hectic city, Reed and Rebecca hike into the beautiful Northwestern woods. They're surrounded by gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, and hundreds of acres of unspoiled wilderness. But something--or someone--begins closing in on them, and it's killing everyone in its path without remorse.
    Updated 4.7.05
  • Embrace Me
    Author: Samson, Lisa
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson $ 14.99 ISBN: 9781595542106 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    A scarred woman immersed in the strange world of a traveling circus finds love of another kind. A dread-locked and scarred local with a hidden history and a compelling present may provide Valentine with the embrace she longs for.
    Updated 2.26.08
  • Trouble the Water
    Author: Seitz, Nicole
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson $ 14.99 ISBN: 9781595544001 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    Set in the South Carolina Sea Islands, Seitz's second novel follows two sisters--one seeking to recreate her life yet again, and the other reexamining hers.
    Updated 2.26.08
  • Dying Declaration
    Author: Singer, Randy
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 13.99 (paper) ISBN: 1578567769 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    Cultures and lawyers collide in this fast-paced, edgy, and issue-driven suspense novel, which powerfully illustrates the triumph of grace over legalism.
    Updated 9.7.04
  • False Witness
    Author: Singer, Randy D.
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 13.99 ISBN: 9781400073344 Date: 2007
    Hoping to gain some practical insight, three bored law students volunteer at the legal aid clinic. But when they discover that their assigned client is a deceptive computer genius---hunted by the government and the Mafia---can they keep his secret Internet code out of the wrong hands and still live to see graduation?
    Updated 5.1.07
  • Boaz Brown
    Author: Stimpson, Michelle
    Publisher: Walk Worthy $ 22.95 ISBN:0446532479 Date: 2004
    star LJ
    Prejudices that exist in the African-American church are addressed in this daring debut novel about a young Christian woman who finds her own racist attitudes--as well as those of her family, friends, and church--challenged when she is drawn to a man of a different race.
    Suggested Reading List: African American Stars
    Updated 6.1.04
  • All the Way Home
    Author: Tatlock, Ann
    Publisher: Bethany $ 11.95 (trade paper) ISBN: 0764226630 Date: 2002
    star Booklist
    From the award-winning author of the compelling novel A Room of My Own comes a heart-wrenching story of two women and their rediscovery of a childhood friendship. Laced with soul-touching humor, All the Way Home is a moving portrayal of the vital importance of family and the bitter consequences of prejudice.
    Updated 6.29.02
  • No Dark Valley
    Author: Turner, Jamie Langston
    Publisher: Bethany $ 12.99 ISBN: 0764227300 Date: 2004
    star Booklist
    When Celia's grandmother dies, she must return to the small Southern town she hoped never to see again. In this masterfully written, inspiring story of reconciliation, Celia and the guilt-ridden next-door neighbor will both come to recognize the vastness of God's grace.
    Updated 9.7.04
  • Troublesome Creek
    Author: Watson, Jan
    Publisher: Tyndale $ 12.99 ISBN: 1414304471 Date: 2005
    star LJ
    Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky in the late 1800s, Laura "Copper" Grace must come to terms with her family and discover the true meaning of "home." Nothing could drag her off of the mountain until one day when she realizes that God has other plans for her life.
    Updated 11.1.05
  • Forgiving Solomon Long
    Author: Well, Chris
    Publisher: Harvest House $ 11.99 ISBN: 0736914056 Date: 2005
    star Booklist
    Fat Cat Catalano doesn't need troublemakers rocking the boat. So he hires a "cleaner" to fly in to make sure the local "churchies" and storeowners get the message. Meanwhile, detective Tom Griggs is determined to bring Fat Cat down, even if it means neglecting--and losing--his own wife.
    Updated 5.26.05
  • Velma Still Cooks in Leeway
    Author: Wright, Vinita Hampton
    Publisher: Broadman & Holman $ 12.99 (paper) ISBN: 0805421289 Date: 2000
    star PW starBooklist
    The chief cook in Leeway, Kansas, and the part-time janitor for Jerusalem Baptist Church, Velma takes good care of everyone around her. Then her husband stops talking, her cousin comes to live with her, and she finds herself dealing with the town's problems. Her journey of love and forgiveness lies at the heart of this novel. Recipes included.
    Suggested Reading List: Cooked Books
    Updated 10/10/00

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