Serial Killers Booklist

Annotations are from Advance, the Ingram Book Magazine, unless noted.
  • Sleepyhead
    Author: Billingham, Mark
    Publisher: Morrow $ 24.95 ISBN: 0066212995 Date: 2002
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    Alison Willetts can't move or communicate, but she's aware. Her survival of a deliberately induced stroke convinces police her attacker made an error. But Detective Tom Thorne discovers that Alison is the psychopath's masterpiece; the three women he killed before her were mistakes. Thorne must find a criminal whose agenda is terrifyingly unique.
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    Updated 8.16.02
  • Lazybones
    Author: Billingham, Mark
    Publisher: Morrow $ 24.95 ISBN: 0060560851 Date: 2004
    Detective Inspector Thorne is on the trail of a serial killer who is preying upon serial rapists in the third in Billingham's chilling series.
    Updated 5.7.04
  • All the Dead Were Strangers
    Author: Black, Ethan
    Publisher: Ballantine $ 24 ISBN: 0345439007 Date: 2001
    From the author of Irresistible and The Broken Hearts Club comes the third gripping thriller featuring NYPD detective Conrad Voort, who now must tackle his most challenging case--and the most terrifying killer--of his career.
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    Updated 7/16/01
  • Even the Wicked: A Matthew Scudder Novel
    Author: Block, Lawrence
    Publisher: William Morrow List Price:$23 ISBN: 0688141811 Date: 1997
    A vigilante serial killer is prowling New York, ruthlessly executing evil-doers whom he feels deserve to die. So far, his victims have included a child molester, a Mafia don, a violent anti-abortionist, and a racial hate monger. But when the killer targets a noted lawyer, Matthew Scudder is called upon to stop a frighteningly efficient killer who can do the seemingly impossible.
  • The Silent Children
    Author: Campbell, Ramsey
    Publisher: Forge $ 24.95 ISBN: 0312870566 Date: 2001
    Hector Woollie kills children, "liberating" them from "abusive" parents, and his next victims are Ian and Charlotte. Ian can hear his mother weeping right through the wall the duplex shares with the madman's hiding place. Yet if the children make so much a peep, Hector will slit their throats.
    Updated 6/27/00
  • Widow's Walk
    Author: Coburn, Andrew
    Publisher: Five Star $ ? ISBN: 0786231602 Date: 2001
    When three men are murdered in police chief Paul Jenkins' community of Boar's Bluff, New Hampshire, the DA s office wants the glory of solving the cases. The Chief has two choices: stay safely out of the investigation, or defy everybody and try to do it on his own . . . and risk losing his job to a sergeant he loathes. As Jenkins begins to pursue the truth, he risks a lot more as the killer tries to find out how much he really knows.
    Updated 3/5/01
  • Before the Cradle Falls
    Author: David, James F.
    Publisher: Tor $ 25.95 ISBN: 0765303191 Date: 2002
    Paralyzed by drink and despair since the accidental death of his young daughter Shelby, Detective Kyle Sommers nonetheless must lead a task force to catch a brutal serial killer.
    Updated 4/30.02
  • Flinch
    Author: Ferrigno, Robert
    Publisher: Pantheon $ 24 ISBN: 0375401253 Date: 2001
    The author of the brilliant debut work The Horse Latitudes now pens an electrifying, darkly funny novel about the rivalry of two brothers and one's search for a serial killer.
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    Updated 10/25/01
  • Birdman
    Author: Hayder, Mo
    Publisher: Doubleday $ 23.95 ISBN: 038549694x Date: 2000
    Five young women with their hearts cut out, gone without a trace; and not a single loved one has filed a missing persons report. All Detective Inspector Jack Caffery has to work with are five mutilated corpses and five little dead birds - a tiny finch replacing each womans heart.
  • The Treatment
    Author: Hayder, Mo
    Publisher: Doubleday $ 23.95 ISBN: 0385496958 Date: 2001
    starPublishers Weekly
    The troubled hero of Hayder's Birdman, which "gripped the mind even as it quickened the pulse" (The New York Times) returns in an expertly crafted chiller that brings him face to face with haunting memories and palpable fears.
    Updated 10/25/01
  • The Hundredth Man
    Author: Kerley, Jack
    Publisher: Dutton $ 23.95 ISBN: 052594821x Date: 2004
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    Recalling Michael Connelly's taut storytelling and James Patterson's searing narrative twists, Kerley creates a world where heroes can't succeed without madmen, and the dead are the most dangerous of all.
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    Updated 4.20.04
  • Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
    Author: Rendell, Ruth
    Publisher: Crown $ 25 ISBN: 0609610252 Date: 2002
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    This chilling novel about serial killer in contemporary London is penned by one of the most celebrated mystery writers of our time. As the story gets under way, readers have no idea how a series of vicious stabbings could connect to the colorful cast of interacting characters.
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    Updated 1/28/02
  • The Office of the Dead
    Author: Taylor, Andrew
    Publisher: Minotaur $ 24.95 ISBN: 0312203489 Date: 2001
    Tracing the psychological development of a female serial killer, Taylor's Roth Trilogy moves to a cathedral city in the 1950s to explore disturbing links between past and present.
    Updated 6/22/00