Fiction Stars 2008: July - December

Annotated lists of books receiving at least one starred review from one of four major review sources: Booklist, Kirkus, LJ and PW. The review source assigns the star.


  • A Better Angel: Stories
    Author: Adrian, Chris
    Publisher: FSG $ 22 ISBN: 9780374289904 Date: 2008
    star PW star Kirkus star Booklist
    The stories in A Better Angel describe the terrain of human suffering--illness, regret, mourning, sympathy--in the most unusual of ways, from an author heralded for his wit and inventiveness.
    Suggested Reading: All Stars
    Updated 6.19.08
  • The Secret Scripture
    Author: Barry, Sebastian
    Publisher: Penguin $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780670019403 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Set against an Ireland besieged by conflict, The Secret Scripture is an epic story of love, betrayal, and unavoidable tragedy, and a vivid reminder of the stranglehold that the Catholic Church had on individual lives for much of the 20th century.
    Updated 5.29.08
  • The Legal Limit
    Author: Clark, Martin
    Publisher: Random $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780307268358 Date: 2008
    star Booklist starKirkus
    Clark's most remarkable novel yet is the gripping, complex story of a murder cover-up that wreaks widespread havoc even as it redefines the concept of justice--a relentlessly entertaining saga that delves deeply into matters at once ambiguous and essential.
    Updated 4.24.08
  • All About Lulu
    Author: Evison, Jonathan
    Publisher: Soft Skull $ 14.95 ISBN: 9781593761967 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Weakness has always been a concern for William Miller, but he is further weakened by his irrepressible crush on his new step-sister, Lulu. Once Lulu departs for college, Will attempts to find himself--discovering Western philosophy, a cruel dating world, and, ultimately, his true calling.
    Updated 5.12.08
  • Nightingales of Troy: Connected Stories
    Author: Fulton, Alice
    Publisher: Norton $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780393048872 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    Set in Troy, New York, the stories in this collection follow a quirky and resilient family of women throughout the 20th century, creating a vividly palpable sense of time and place.
    Updated 5.29.08
  • The Red Scarf
    Author: Furnivall, Kate
    Publisher: Berkley $ 15 ISBN: 9780425221648 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    After a perilous escape from Davinsky Labor Camp in Siberia, Sofia is tantalizingly close to freedom, family--even a future. All that stands in her way is a secret past that could endanger everything she has come to hold dear.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • The People on Privilege Hill
    Author: Gardam, Jane
    Publisher: Europa $ 15.95 ISBN: 9781933372563 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus star LJ
    From the author of Old Filth, a "New York Times" Notable Book of the Year, comes this new collection of stories that showcases Gardam's caustic humor, freewheeling imagination, and wicked powers of observation.
    Updated 6.19.08
  • Shining City
    Author: Greenland, Seth
    Publisher: St Martins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9781596915046 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    From the acclaimed author of The Bones comes this witty and sexy satire about how contemporary American culture defines right and wrong, good and bad.
    Updated 4.28.08
  • The Resurrection of the Body
    Author: Hamand, Maggie
    Publisher: Dufour $ 19.95 ISBN: 9781904559306 Date: 2008
    star PW
    While conducting the Good Friday service. Vicar Richard Page is horrified when a man staggers in, bleeding from wounds inflicted during a vicious knife attack. There is no identification on him; he later dies, and no one comes forward to claim the body. Even more bizarrely, his corpse disappears from the morgue, leaving the police baffled and suspicious. The vicar is drawn into a bruising quest to uncover this man's identity and explain the unexplainable. His obsession will bring him into conflict with the police, his superiors, his congregation, and even his wife. The Resurrection of the Body is a thought provoking work exploring love, religion, and madness within an eerie and unsettling mystery.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Telex from Cuba
    Author: Kushner, Rachel
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster $ 25 ISBN: 9781416561033 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    An astonishingly wise, ambitious, and riveting first novel set in the American community in Cuba during the years leading to Castro's revolution, this masterful debut is a compelling tour de force.
    Updated 5.29.08
  • Art in America
    Author: McLarty, Ron
    Publisher: Penguin $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780670018956 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    McLarty pens a funny and heartwarming novel about a down-on-his-luck writer who finally finds success and love.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skylar Rampike
    Author: Oates, Joyce Carol
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780061547485 Date: 2008
    star PW star Booklist star LJ
    "New York Times"-bestselling author Oates is back with this dark, wry, captivating tale, inspired by an unsolved true-crime mystery.
    Updated 5.12.08
  • What Was Lost
    Author: O'flynn, Catherine
    Publisher: Holt $ 14 ISBN: 9780805088335 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus star PW
    Long-listed for the Booker Prize, the Orange Prize, and "The Guardian" First Book Award, "What Was Lost" is a tender and sharply observant debut novel about a missing young girl.
    Updated 6.19.08
  • Secrets of the Sea
    Author: Shakespeare, Nicholas
    Publisher: Perennial $ 14.95 ISBN: 9780061474705 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Torn by tragedy from his early life on a remote farm in Tasmania, Alex Dove has returned years later to start over. A chance encounter with quiet, alluring Merridy Bowman--a young woman similarly haunted by a tangled and catastrophic history--results in marriage, as two damaged souls unite to build a home, family, and livelihood far removed from civilization's bustle. Soon they are drawn into the unpredictable dynamics of small-town island life--and into the destructive orbit of an unscrupulous real estate agent who maintains a secret hold over both Doves. But when a shipwreck off the shore thrusts a troubled, possibly criminal teenage castaway into their world, Alex and Merridy's tenuously forged happiness is suddenly at grave risk, as they are forced to confront deeper questions about the true meaning of fulfillment. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 5.29.08
  • Mosquito
    Author: Tearne, Roma
    Publisher: Europa $ 16.95 ISBN: 9781933372570 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    Set adrift by the recent death of his wife, Theo Samarajeeva abandons his comfortable writer's life in London and returns to Sri Lanka, his war-torn homeland. By turns heartbreaking and uplifting, "Mosquito" is a first novel of remarkable beauty and compelling power.
    Updated 5.29.08
  • The Good Thief
    Author: Tinti, Hannah
    Publisher: Dial $ 25 ISBN: 9780385337458 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus star Booklist
    A Dickensian cast of characters in 19th-century New England comes brilliantly to life in this wondrous debut novel about an orphaned boy and the colorful con man who claims to be his brother.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Over and Under
    Author: Tucker, Todd
    Publisher: St Martins $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780312379902 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    In the summer of 1979, Andy and Tom are two fourteen-year-old boys---best friends, expert cave explorers, and crack shots with their Springfield M-6 Scout rifles. In rural southern Indiana they are blissfully unaware of the local labor strife surrounding the Borden Casket Company. The fact that Andy's dad is a manager and Tom's dad is a union laborer has no bearing on their fun and adventure.
    But in the building summer heat, violence quickly erupts---including an explosion, a murder, and the escape of two fugitives---and the young boys can no longer ignore that the world around them has forever changed. Through their secret observations of labor meetings, both boys feel the effect of the dissolution, and it tests their loyalty and friendship, as well as the town's spirit.
    What began as a season of independence becomes a summer of growth and change, of adventure and misbehavior. Reminiscent of Stand by Me and To Kill a Mockingbird, Over and Under is the quintessential story of ruddy-faced, scheming, precocious boys who must navigate that hazy boundary between growing up and making the most of their last summer of innocence and freedom as they explore the wilds of rural Indiana, see the most amazing gunshot of their lives, and discover what it means to be friends. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Wifeshopping
    Author: Wingate, Steven
    Publisher: Houghton $ 13.95 ISBN: 9780547053653 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    An honest, absorbing debut fiction collection, Wifeshopping centers on the ultimate human quest: the search for companionship, love, and understanding. These captivating stories feature American men, love-starved and striving, who try and often fail to connect with women.
    Updated 7.14.08


  • Man in the Dark
    Author: Auster, Paul
    Publisher: Holt $ 23 ISBN: 9780805088397 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus star Booklist
    Seventy-two-year-old August Brill is recovering from a car accident in his daughter's house in Vermont. When sleep refuses to come, he lies in bed and tells himself stories, struggling to push back thoughts about things he would prefer to forget.
    Updated 5.28.08
  • The Lace Reader
    Author: Barry, Brunonia
    Publisher: Morrow $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780061624766 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    In Barry's captivating debut, Towner Whitney, a young woman descended from a long line of mind readers and fortune tellers, has returned to her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, for rest and relaxation. Any tranquility in her life is short-lived, however, when her aunt drowns under mysterious circumstances.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Stand the Storm
    Author: Clarke, Breena
    Publisher: Little Brown $ 24.99 ISBN: 9780316007047 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    Even though Sewing Annie Coats and her son, Gabriel, have managed to buy their freedom, their lives are still marked by constant struggle and sacrifice as they prepare for the encroaching war.
    Updated 5.29.08
  • Mine All Mine
    Author: Davies, Adam
    Publisher: Penguin $ 14 ISBN: 9781594483141 Date: 2008
    From the author of The Frog King and Goodbye Lemon comes this dazzling comic and romantic heist story.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • The Gargoyle
    Author: Davidson, Andrew
    Publisher: Doubleday$ 24.95 ISBN: 9780385524940 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus star PW star Booklist
    An extraordinary debut novel of love that survives the fires of hell and transcends the boundaries of time, The Gargoyle is a hypnotic, horrifying, astonishing novel that manages, against all odds, to be redemptive" (Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants).
    Updated 9.8.08
  • The Little Book
    Author: Edwards, Selden
    Publisher: Penguin $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780525950615 Date: 2008
    An irresistible triumph of the imagination more than 30 years in the making, The Little Book is a breathtaking love story that spans generations, ranging from fin de siecle Vienna through the pivotal moments of the 20th century.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Travel Writing
    Author: Ferry, Peter
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 24 ISBN: 9780151014361 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    Pete Ferry, our narrator, teaches high school English in the wealthy suburb of Lake Forest outside of Chicago, and moonlights as a travel writer. On his way home after work one evening he witnesses a car accident that kills a beautiful woman named Lisa Kim. But was it an accident? Could Pete have prevented it? And did it actually happen, or is this just an elaborate tale he concocts to impart the power of story to his restless teenage charges? Why can't he stop thinking about Lisa Kim? And what might his obsession with her mean to his relationship with his girlfriend, Lydia?
    With humor, tenderness, and suspense, Travel Writing takes readers on fascinating journeys, both geographical and psychological, and delves into the notion that the line between fact and fiction is often negotiable. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 6.18.08
  • The Cure for Grief
    Author: Hermann, Nellie
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster $ 24 ISBN: 9781416568230 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    An intimate and profoundly affecting debut novel, The Cure for Grief is a modern coming-of-age story marked by excruciating loss, the love that binds a family, and the potential for resilience.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • People of the Whale
    Author: Hogan, Linda
    Publisher: Norton $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780393064575 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    From a writer with unparalleled gifts for truth and magic (Barbara Kingsolver) comes a powerful story of a Vietnam veteran torn between his war experience and his Native American community.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Iodine
    Author: Kimmel, Haven
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster $ 24 ISBN: 9781416572848 Date: 2008
    star PW star LJ
    The fourth novel by "New York Times"-bestselling author Kimmel tells the terrifying story of a young woman who, after recovering a horrific, long-suppressed memory, discovers that much of her present-day life is a carefully constructed delusion.
    Updated 8.1.08
  • When We Were Romans
    Author: Kneale, Matthew
    Publisher: Nan Talese $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780385526258 Date: 2008
    star PW star Kirkus
    Updated 6.19.08
    Like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird . . . young Lawrence, nine years old and the 'man' of the family, brings readers into his world, powerfully connecting us to the drama of his childhood.--Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides.
  • One More Year
    Author: Krasikov, Sana
    Publisher: Bantam $ 21.95 ISBN: 9780385524391 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Krasikov's debut collection features stories of people who hold out hope, despite the odds, that life will be kind to them. The characters look to love to repair their lives, and when love isn't really there, they attempt to make do with relationships that substitute for love.
    Updated 5.12.08
  • Alfred and Emily
    Author: Lessing, Doris
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780060834883 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Nobel Laureate Lessing offers a moving meditation on parents and children, war and memory, and she explores the lives of her parents, two individuals irrevocably damaged by the Great War, in this work that combines fiction and memoir.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Made in the U.S.A.
    Author: Letts, Billie
    Publisher: $ ISBN: 9780446529013 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The bestselling author of Where the Heart Is returns with this alternately heartbreaking and life-affirming story of two gutsy children who must discover how cruel, unfair, and frightening the world is before they come to a place they can finally call home. Updated 5.12.08
  • Demons in the Spring
    Author: Meno, Joe
    Publisher: Akashic $ 24.95 ISBN: 9781933354477 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus star PW
    This collection of 20 short stories by the author of The Boy Detective Fails and Hairstyles of the Damned features illustrations by 20 artists from the fine art, graphic art, and comic book worlds--including Charles Burns, Archer Prewitt, Ivan Brunetti.
    Updated 7.14.08
  • The Heretic Queen
    Author: Moran, Michelle
    Publisher: Random $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780307381750 Date: 2008
    The Heretic Queen finds national bestselling author Moran returning to the politically charged world of ancient Egypt, spinning an intriguing story about the orphaned niece of Queen Nefertiti who becomes wife to Rameses the Great.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • The Seamstress
    Author: Peebles, Frances De Pontes
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780060738877 Date: 2008
    star Booklist star LJ
    An enthralling novel of love and courage, passion and adventure that brings to life a faraway time and place, The Seamstress is an epic saga, rich in depth and vision, that heralds the arrival of a supremely talented new writer. Updated 5.2.08
  • What Happened to Anna K.
    Author: Reyn, Irina
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster $ 24 ISBN: 9781416558934 Date: 2008
    star PW
    This debut novel--declared as wondrous a feat as I can recall in contemporary fiction (Darin Strauss, author of Chang and Eng)--skillfully retells the classic tragedy of Anna Karenina by setting it in present-day New York City within a community of Russian-Jewish immigrants.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Filter House
    Author: Shawl, Nisi
    Publisher: Aqueduct $ 18 ISBN: 9781933500195 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Filter House collects the short fiction by Nisi Shawl and includes an introduction by Eileen Gunn (author of Stable Strategies). The collections fourteen tales offer a haunting montage that works its magic subtly on the readers subconscious. As Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club says, This lovely collection will take you, like a magic carpet, to some strange and wonderful places. Three of the stories are original to the volume. Eminent novelist and critic Ursula K. Le Guin writes: From the exotic, baroque complexities of At the Huts of Ajala to the stark, folktale purity of The Beads of Ku, these fourteen superbly written stories will weave around you a ring of dark, dark magic. Matt Ruff, author of Set This House In Order and Bad Monkeys calls Filter House A traveling story-bazaar, offering treasures and curios from diverse lands of wonder. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 6.18.08
  • Shades of Dark
    Author: Sinclair, Linnea
    Publisher: Bantam $ 6.99 ISBN: 9780553589658 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The RITA Award-winning author of Gabriel's Ghost returns with this long-awaited sequel, in which matters of the heart are put to the test by Chas Bergren, a court-martialed Imperial Fleet captain.
    Updated 7.14.08
  • Pharmakon
    Author: Wittenborn, Dirk
    Publisher: Penguin $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780670019427 Date: 2008
    William Friedrich, an ambitious professor of psychology at Yale in 1952, has stumbled upon a drug that promises happiness. When his experiment goes awry, and a research subject commits murder, the consequences will haunt him and his family forever.
    Updated 9.6.08


  • Seduction of a Proper Gentleman
    Author: Alexander, Victoria
    Publisher: Avon $ 7.99 ISBN: 9780061449468 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    In the conclusion of Alexander's series, the Earl of Norcroft is the last unmarried man standing from the wager among four of London's most handsome noblemen--but not for long.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • The Wasted Vigil
    Author: Aslam, Nadeem
    Publisher: Random $ 25 ISBN: 9780307268426 Date: 2008
    star PW star Kirkus starLJ
    From the author of Maps for Lost Lovers comes a new novel--at once lyrical and blistering--about war in modern times, told through the lives of five people who come together in post-9/11 Afghanistan.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Until We Reach Home
    Author: Austin, Lynn
    Publisher: Baker $ 13.99 ISBN: 9780764204951 Date: 2008
    Life in Sweden seems like an endless winter for three sisters after their parents' suicide. Joining 16 million other immigrants who leave their homelands for America between 1890 and 1920, Ellin, Kirsten, and Sophia begin the long, difficult journey fraught with hardships.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Black Tower
    Author: Bayard, Louis
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780061173509 Date: 2008
    star PW star Kirkus star Booklist
    The acclaimed author of Mr. Timothy and The Pale Blue Eye has constructed another spellbinding historical mystery about a real-life convict who transformed himself into the world's first modern detective.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • In the Land of No Right Angles
    Author: Beal, Daphne
    Publisher: Anchor $ 13.95 ISBN: 9780307388063 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Instantly suspenseful . . . Beal's intimate knowledge of Nepal . . . shines from these pages, making her a frank and humane tour guide into an underworld she makes fully her own--Jennifer Egan, author of The Keep.
    Updated 8.1.08
  • Salvation Boulevard
    Author: Beinhart, Larry
    Publisher: Perseus $ 24.95 ISBN: 9781568584119 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The murder victim: an atheist. The accused: Muslim. The lawyer: Jewish. The detective: Born Again Christian. A thriller about death, faith, and God--from one of America's best mystery writers.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Tempted by the Night
    Author: Boyle, Elizabeth
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 6.99 ISBN: 9780061373220 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Lady Hermione Marlowe refuses to believe that the handsome gentleman she loves spends his nights in London's lustiest locales. If only she had a way to prove that Lord Rockhurst is a proper gentleman.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Wounded: A Love Story
    Author: Burney, Claudia Mair
    Publisher: Cook $ 14.99 ISBN: 9781434799388 Date: 2008
    Gina Merritt a young, broke, African American single mother sits in a pew on Ash Wednesday and has a holy vision. When it fades, her palms are bleeding. Anthony Priest, a former journalist sitting next to her, is cured of his drug addiction. Together they search for an understanding of this miraculous event.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Ms. Hempel Chronicles
    Author: Bynum, Sarah Shun-Lien
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 23 ISBN: 9780151014965 Date: 2008
    star Kirkusstar LJ star PW
    Ms. Beatrice Hempel, teacher of seventh grade, is new--new to teaching, new to the school, newly engaged, and newly bereft of her idiosyncratic father. Grappling awkwardly with her newness, she struggles to figure out what is expected of her in life and at work.
    Updated 9.8.08
  • The Various Flavors of Coffee
    Author: Capella, Anthon
    Publisher: Bantam $ 22 ISBN: 9780553807325 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    When Robert Wallis, an impoverished poet in turn-of-the-century London, accepts a commission from eccentric coffee merchant Samuel Pinker to categorize the elusive tastes of coffee, little does he know his assignment will completely alter his life.
    Updated 8.1.08
  • School on Hearts Content Road
    Author: Chute, Carolyn
    Publisher: PGW $ 24 ISBN: 9780871139870 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    The bestselling author of The Beans of Egypt, Maine returns with her first novel in 10 years, in this work that is a rousing, politically charged portrait of a group of lives on the margins of society.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Army of the Republic
    Author: Cohen, Stuart Archer
    Publisher: St Martins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780312383770 Date: 2008
    A war of ideals tears a family and a troubled America apart, in this urgent and provocative political thriller.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Voice Over
    Author: Curiol, Celine
    Publisher: Seven Stories $ 24.95 ISBN: 9781583228487 Date: 2008
    star PW
    A lonely young woman works as an announcer in Paris' Gare du Nord train station. Obsessed with a man attached to another woman, she wanders through the world of dinner parties, shopping excursions, and chance sexual encounters with a sense of haunting expectation. As something begins to happen between her and the man she loves, she finds herself at a crossroads, pitting her desire against her sanity. This smashing debut novel sparkles with mordant humor and sexy charm. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 8.1.08
  • Always Look Twice
    Author: Dawson, Geralyn
    Publisher: Penguin $ 6.99 ISBN: 9780451224880 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    The "USA Today"-bestselling author of Never Say Never introduces Mark Callahan, a former military intelligence officer whose mission to find a vicious killer takes him all over the world and gives him a second shot at love.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Sealed Letter
    Author: Donoghue, Emma
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 26 ISBN: 9780151015498 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Based on a scandalous divorce case that gripped England in 1864, The Sealed Letter is a riveting, provocative drama of friends, lovers, and divorce, Victorian style.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • The 19th Wife
    Author: Ebershoff, David
    Publisher: Random $ 25 ISBN: 9781400063970 Date: 2008
    This new novel from the author of The Danish Girl and Pasadena is a spellbinding work of literary suspense, set against the history of the Mormon Church, that combines historical fiction with a modern-day mystery.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Yesterday's Weather
    Author: Enright, Ann
    Publisher: Grove $ 24 ISBN: 9780802118745 Date: 2008
    star LJ
    The winner of the 2007 Man Booker Prize for The Gathering presents a series of deeply moving glimpses into a rapidly changing Ireland: a land of family and tradition, but also, increasingly, of organic radicchio, cruise-ship vacations, and casual betrayals.
    Updated 8.1.08
  • Best New American Voices 2009
    Author: Gaitskill, Mary (edt)
    Publisher: Harvest $ 14 ISBN: 9780156034319 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    This year's volume, featuring 17 new stories selected by award-winning novelist John Casey, continues the tradition of identifying the best young writers on the cusp of their careers.
    Updated 8.1.08
  • I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires
    Author: Gohlke, Cathy
    Publisher: Moody $ 13.99 ISBN: 9780802487742 Date: 2008
    When his father joins the Union Army, 17-year-old Robert Glover reluctantly vows not to enlist until he turns 18. But when his cousin Emily writes seeking help for Uncle Albert--imprisoned at Fort Delaware--he unwittingly becomes embroiled in a Confederate escape plan. Can Robert find answers on matters of family, faith, and freedom for all?
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Hannah's Dream
    Author: Hammond, Diane
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 13.95 ISBN: 9780061568251 Date: 2008
    In the tradition of Water for Elephants comes a charming, captivating story of an aging caretaker and his beloved elephant, and an extraordinary cast of quirky characters centered around a dilapidated zoo.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • The Gone-Away World
    Author: Harkaway, Nick
    Publisher: Random $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780307268860 Date: 2008
    This wildly entertaining debut novel introduces a bold new voice that combines antic humor with a stunning futuristic vision to deliver an electrifyingly original tale of love, friendship, and the apocalypse.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • In Hovering Flight
    Author: Hinnefeld, Joyce
    Publisher: Unbridled $ 24.95 ISBN: 97819329615484 Date: 2008
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Heretic's Daughter
    Author: Kent, Kathleen
    Publisher: Little Brown $ 24.99 ISBN: 9780316024488 Date: 2008
    star PW star LJ
    Martha Carrier was one of the first women to be accused, tried, and hanged as a witch in Salem, Massachusetts. This is the haunting story of Carrier's courageous defiance and ultimate death, as told by her daughter, Sarah.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Downtown Owl
    Author: Klosterman, Chuck
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster $ 24 ISBN: 9781416544180 Date: 2008
    A "New York Times"-bestselling author and one of America's top cultural critics ("Entertainment Weekly") presents his first novel that combines an irresistible portrait of Midwestern small-town life with his own remarkable sense of humor.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Deaf Sentence
    Author: Lodge, David
    Publisher: Viking $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780670019922 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    From Booker Prize finalist Lodge comes this funny, moving account of one man's effort to come to terms with deafness and death, aging and mortality, and the comedy and tragedy that is human life.
    Updated 7.14.08
  • Fresh Kills
    Author: Loehfelm, Bill
    Publisher: $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780399155314 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Updated 7.14.08
  • O the Clear Moment
    Author: McClanahan, Ed
    Publisher: PGW $ 23 ISBN: 9781582434308 Date: 2008
    star PW
    In this enormously appealing "implied autobiography," McClanahan has assembled a gathering of stories that are both quirky and
    Updated 9.6.08
  • A Promise to Believe In
    Author: Peterson, Tracie
    Publisher: Baker $ 19.99 ISBN: 9780764205866 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Updated 10.1.08
  • To Siberia
    Author: Petterson, Per
    Publisher: FSG $ 22 ISBN: 9781555975067 Date: 2008
    star PW
    From the author of Out Stealing Horses comes this story of a brother and sister who are forced ever more closely together after the suicide of their grandfather. The sister dreams of escaping to Siberia, while her brother becomes more and more involved in resisting the Nazis.
    Updated 6.18.08
  • City of Refuge
    Author: Piazza, Tom
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780061238611 Date: 2008
    starBooklist starLJ
    From the award-winning novelist and author of Why New Orleans Matters comes a breathtaking novel of two families, one white and one black, whose lives are torn apart by Hurricane Katrina, and then pieced back together again in ways they couldn't have imagined.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Goldengrove
    Author: Prose, Francine
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780066214115 Date: 2008
    star Booklist starLJ
    The "New York Times"-bestselling author of Reading Like a Writer returns with an emotionally powerful novel about love and loss filled with echoes of the classics Vertigo and Pygmalion.
    Updated 4.24.08
  • Driftless
    Author: Rhodes, Dan
    Publisher: PGW $ 24 ISBN: 9781571310590 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    David Rhodes's long-awaited new novel turns an unblinking eye on an array of eccentric characters and situations. The setting is Words, Wisconsin, an anonymous town of only a few hundred people. But under its sleepy surface, life rages. Cora and Graham guard their dairy farm, and family, from the wicked schemes of their milk co-op. Lifelong paraplegic Olivia suddenly starts to walk, only to find herself crippled by her fury toward her sister and caretaker, Violet. Recently retired Rusty finds a cougar living in his haymow, dredging up haunting childhood memories. Winifred becomes pastor of the Friends church and stumbles on enlightenment in a very unlikely place. And Julia Montgomery, both private and gregarious, instigates a series of events that threatens the town's solitude and doggedly suspicious ways. "Driftless" finds the author's powers undiminished in this unforgettable story that evokes a small-town America previously unmapped, and the damaged denizens who must make their way through it. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Home
    Author: Robinson, Marilynne
    Publisher: FSG $ 25 ISBN: 9780374299101 Date: 2008
    The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Gilead pens a moving and healing book about families, family secrets, and the passing of the generations.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Indignation
    Author: Roth, Philip
    Publisher: Houghton $ 26 ISBN: 9780547054841 Date: 2008
    star PW star Booklist star Kirkus
    Against the backdrop of the Korean War, a young man faces life's unimagined chances and terrifying consequences. Indignation is at once a startling departure from the haunted narratives of old age and a powerful addition to Roth's investigations of the impact of American history on the life of the vulnerable individual.
    Updated 5.29.08
  • King's Last Song
    Author: Ryman, Geoff
    Publisher: Consortium $ 16 ISBN: 978131520560 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Death With Interruptions
    Author: Saramago, Jose
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 23 ISBN: 9780151012749 Date: 2008
    star PW star LJ
    On the first day of the new year, no one dies. This of course causes consternation among politicians, religious leaders, morticians, and doctors. Among the general public, on the other hand, there is initially celebration--flags are hung out on balconies, people dance in the streets. They have achieved the great goal of humanity: eternal life. Then reality hits home--families are left to care for the permanently dying, life-insurance policies become meaningless, and funeral parlors are reduced to arranging burials for pet dogs, cats, hamsters, and parrots.
    Death sits in her chilly apartment, where she lives alone with scythe and filing cabinets, and contemplates her experiment: What if no one ever died again? What if she, death with a small "d," became human and were to fall in love?
    Updated 9.8.08
  • The Butt
    Author: Self, Will
    Publisher: St Martins $ 26 ISBN: 9781596915558 Date: 2008
    star PW
    One of contemporary fiction's most "wickedly brilliant...endlessly talented" ("Publishers Weekly)" satirists delivers a dystopian novel skewering global politics and Big Brother-style government post-9/11.
    When Tom Brodzinksi tries to give up smoking, he inadvertently sets off a chain of events that threaten to upset the tenuous balance of peace in a not-too-distant land. When he flips the butt of his final cigarette off the balcony of his vacation apartment, it lands on elderly Reggie Lincoln, lounging on the balcony below. Lincoln suffers a burn, and the local authorities charge Tom with assault--in a country with draconian anti-smoking laws, a cigarette is a weapon of offense. For reparation, Tom must leave his family behind and wander through the arid center of the country's deserted territory. Joining Tom on his journey is Brian Prentice, a mysteriously sinister presence, who has his own sins to make up for. Inevitably, the two men encounter violence, forcing them to come together despite their seething mistrust. A profoundly disturbing allegory, The Butt reveals the heart of a distinctly modern darkness.- Publisher Marketing
    Updated 9.6.08
  • The Leper
    Author: Thayer, Steve
    Publisher: North Star $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780878392667 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Updated 9.6.08
  • The Toss of a Lemon
    Author: Viswanathan, Padma
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 26 ISBN: 9780151015337 Date: 2008
    starKirkus star LJ
    Spanning the lifetime of one woman, this debut novel offers an intimate look into a Brahmin household. Inspired by her grandmother's stories, Viswanathan masterfully brings to life a profoundly exotic yet utterly recognizable family in the midst of social and political upheaval.
    Updated 8.19.08
  • Crime
    Author: Welsh, Irvine
    Publisher: Norton $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780393068191 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Welsh's sizzling new novel is a thrilling journey into the bright glamour of the Sunshine State and a seething underworld of utter darkness, in this shocking story about the corruption and abuse of the human soul and the possibilities of redemption.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes
    Author: Yellin, Tamar
    Publisher: Toby $ 22.95 ISBN: 9781592642137 Date: 2008
    Taking it's imagery from the legend of the ten tribes of Israel exiled by the Assyrians and to the pages of history beyond the River Sambatyon, Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes follows the life journey of a wandering narrator who encounters a series of displaced persons.
    Updated 10.1.08


  • Chicago
    Author: Aswany, Alaa Al
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780061452567 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    The author of the highly-acclaimed The Yacoubian Building returns with a story of love, sex, friendship, hatred, and ambition set in Chicago with a cast of American and Arab characters achingly human in their desires and needs.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • A Country Called Home
    Author: Barnes, Kim
    Publisher: Random $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780307268952 Date: 2008
    star PW star LJ star Booklist
    From the author of the acclaimed memoir and Pulitzer Prize finalist In the Wilderness comes a luminous novel of youthful idealism, of faith and madness, of love and family.
    Updated 8.18.08
  • The Ghost in Love
    Author: Carroll, Jonathan
    Publisher: FSG $ 24 ISBN: 9780374161866 Date: 2008
    The luminous and marvelously inventive world depicted in The Ghost in Love shows what happens when people discover that they have become the masters of their own fate.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Partisan's Daughter
    Author: De Bernieres, Louis
    Publisher: Random $ 21 ISBN: 9780307268877 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    This new novel from the acclaimed author of Corelli's Mandolin is a love story at once raw and sweetly funny, wry and heartbreakingly sad. Narrated in the moment and in recollection, A Partisan's Daughter is also a commentary on the seductions and powers of storytelling.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Almost Archer Sisters
    Author: Gabriele, lisa
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster $ 14 ISBN: 9780743255868 Date: 2008
    In this energetic and sassy novel, a betrayal pushes sisters Peachy and Beth Archer to swap lives as they struggle to find a way back to their deepest selves--and to each other.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • I See You Everywhere
    Author: Glass, Julia
    Publisher: Random $ 24 ISBN: 9780375422751 Date: 2008
    From the author of the bestselling Three Junes comes a richly nuanced tale about the intertwined lives of two sisters. Alternating between the women's voices, I See You Everywhere unfolds across 25 years, offering a candid double portrait that reveals the very nature of sisterhood.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Sea of Poppies
    Author: Gosh, Amitav
    Publisher: FSG $ 26 ISBN: 9780374174224 Date: 2008
    star PW
    At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship, the "Ibis," whose destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean, and whose purpose is to fight China's vicious 19th-century Opium Wars. This adventure spans landscapes from the lush poppy fields of the Ganges to the exotic backstreets of Canton.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Fault Lines
    Author: Huston, Nancy
    Publisher: PGW $ 14 ISBN: 9780802170514 Date: 2008
    star PW star LJ star Booklist
    From internationally acclaimed and bestselling author Huston comes a profound and poetic story that traces four generations of a single family from present-day California to World War II-era Germany.
    Updated 8.18.08
  • Lulu in Marrakech
    Author: Johnson, Diane
    Publisher: Penguin $ 25.95 ISBN: 9780525950370 Date: 2008
    The two-time Pulitzer Prize- and three-time National Book Award-nominated author of the bestseller Le Divorce returns with a mesmerizing novel of double standards and double agents.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Homage to Czerny
    Author: Jonke, Gert
    Publisher: Dalkey $ 12.95 ISBN: 9781564785015 Date: 2008
    Gert Jonke's prose ripples along like a piano etude, transcending its meticulously constructed sequences to transport the reader into an imaginary world. With a delightful combination of the ridiculous and the sublime, Jonke explores surreal dimensions of space and sound, always anchoring his flights of fancy in accessible imagery. More than any other author, Jonke, a pianist turned writer, avails himself of compositional techniques from classical music. Different characters sound their own themes in cleverly orchestrated conversations. Opening observations are restated at the end by another character instead of in another key. Not surprisingly, the first-person narrator is a composer, a young man who is all the more likeable for his difficulties: his missing girlfriend and his withdrawal symptoms. The title is taken from a collection of studies by Carl Czerny; the content is a literary tour de force.- Publisher Marketing
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Between Here and April
    Author: Kogan, Deobrah Copaken
    Publisher: Algonquin $ 23.95 ISBN: 9781565125629 Date: 2008
    star PW
    When a deep-rooted memory suddenly surfaces, Elizabeth Burns becomes obsessed with the long-ago disappearance of her childhood friend April Cassidy. What she uncovers leads her back to her own life and what it means to be a mother and wife.
    Updated 7.14.08
  • Come the Night
    Author: Krinard, Susan
    Publisher: Harlequin $ 6.99 ISBN: 9780373773152 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    The Great War has ended, and Gillian Maitland is to marry a werewolf of her father's choosing. Still, she can't forget Ross Kavanaugh, the American whose forbidden touch unleashed a passion she'd never known.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Thank You For All Things
    Author: Kring, Sandra
    Publisher: Bantam $ 12.95 ISBN: 9780385341202 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The author of the critically acclaimed Carry Me Home and The Book of Bright Ideas pens a bittersweet first-person narrative that illustrates when it comes to matters of family and love, often it is the innocent who force others to confront their darkest secrets.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • A Map of Home
    Author: Jarrar, Randa
    Publisher: Random $ 24.95 ISBN: 9781590512722 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    NIDALI, THE REBELLIOUS DAUGHTER OF AN EGYPTIAN-GREEK mother and a Palestinian father, narrates her story from her childhood in Kuwait, her early teenage years in Egypt (to where she and her family fled the 1990 Iraqi invasion), to her family's last flight to Texas. Nidali mixes humor with a loving and vibrant celebration of an eccentric middle-class family in the Arab world, and this perspective keeps her buoyant through the hardships she encounters: the humiliation of going through a checkpoint on a visit to her father's home on the West Bank; the fights with her father, who wants her to become a famous professor and stay away from boys; the end of her childhood as Iraq invades Kuwait on her thirteenth birthday; and the scare she gives her family when she runs away from home. Funny, charming, and heartbreaking, A Map of Home. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 7.14.08
  • The Given Day
    Author: Lehane, Dennis
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 27.95 ISBN: 9780688163181 Date: 2008
    star PWstarBooklist star LJ
    Set at the end of the Great War, The Given Day offers an unflinching, utterly spectacular family epic that captures the political unrest of a nation caught between a well-patterned past and an unpredictable future.
    Updated 8.18.08
  • The Dart League King
    Author: Morris, Keith Lee
    Publisher: PGW $ 14.95 ISBN: 9780979419881 Date: 2008
    star PW
    An intriguing tale of darts, drugs, and death. Russell Harmon is the self-proclaimed king of his small-town Idaho dart league, but all is not well in his kingdom. In the midst of the league championship match, the intertwining stories of those gathered at the 411 club reveal Russell's dangerous debt to a local drug dealer, his teammate Tristan Mackey's involvement in the disappearance of a college student, and a love triangle with a former classmate. The characters in Keith Lee Morris's second novel struggle to find the balance between accepting and controlling their destinies, but their fates are threaded together more closely together than they realize.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Devil's Brood
    Author: Penman, Sharon Kay
    Publisher: Penguin $ 27.95 ISBN: 9780399155260 Date: 2008
    The long-awaited and highly anticipated final volume in Penmanas trilogy of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaineaa tumultuous conclusion to this timeless story of love, power, ambition, and betrayal. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Serena
    Author: Rash, Ron
    Publisher: HarperCollins $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780061470851 Date: 2008
    starKirkus starBooklist
    An award-winning writer pens this Gothic tale of greed, corruption, and revenge set against the backdrop of the 1930s wilderness and America's burgeoning environmental movement, in his biggest, most accessible novel to date.
    Updated 9.8.08
  • New Lives
    Author: Schulze, Ingo
    Publisher: Random $ 28.95 ISBN: 9780307265593 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    In 1990 East Germany, Enrico Turmer turns his back on art and signs on to work at a newly started newspaper. This huge life change, in the midst of Germany's unifying upheaval, is captured in the letters Enrico writes to the three people he loves most.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Dirty South
    Author: Wheatle, Alex
    Publisher: Serpents Tail $ 15.95 ISBN: 9781852429850 Date: 2008
    star Kirkus
    The mean streets of south London offer little hope for young black guys. Selling drugs, on the other hand, offers quick money and respect. Dennis Huggins finds himself drawn into the spiral in this powerful portrayal of gang life.
    Updated 10.1.08


  • Skin Lane
    Author: Bartlett, Neil
    Publisher: Consortium $ 14.95 ISBN: 9781852429928 Date: 2008
    star PW
    At forty-seven, Mr. F's working life on London's Skin Lane is one governed by calm, precision, and routine. So when he starts to have recurring nightmares, he does his best to ignore them. The images that appear in his dreams are disturbing-Mr. F can't think of where they have come from. After all, he's an ordinary middle-aged man.
    As London's backstreets begin to swelter in the long, hot summer of 1967, Mr. F's nightmares become an obsession. A chance encounter adds a face to the body that nightly haunts him, and the torments of his restless nights lead him-and the reader-deeper into a terrifying labyrinth of rage, desire, and shame.
    Part fairy-tale, part compelling evocation of a now-lost London, this is Neil Bartlett's fiercest piece of writing yet: cruel, erotic, and tender. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 10.1.08
  • 2666
    Author: Bolano, Roberto
    Publisher: FSG $ 30 ISBN: 9780374100148 Date: 2008
    star PW
    Composed in the last years of Roberto Bolano's life, 2666 was greeted across Europe and Latin America as his highest achievement, surpassing even his previous work in its strangeness, beauty, and scope. Its throng of unforgettable characters includes academics and convicts, an American sportswriter, an elusive German novelist, and a teenage student and her widowed, mentally unstable father. Their lives intersect in the urban sprawl of SantaTeresa--a fictional Juarez--on the U.S.-Mexico border, where hundreds of young factory workers, in the novel as in life, have disappeared.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • The Paris Enigma
    Author: De Santis, Pablo
    Publisher: Random $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780061479670 Date: 2008
    star PW
    In the tradition of Caleb Carr's The Alienist and Eric Larsen's The Devil in the White City comes a gripping tale of murder and the art of crime solving, atmospherically set during the 1889 Paris World's Fair.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Good Luck
    Author: Gaskill, Whitney
    Publisher: Bantam $ 12 ISBN: 9780553384345 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    Can money buy happiness? Lucy Parker is about to find out in the newest hilarious and poignant novel from the acclaimed author of Mommy Tracked and Testing Kate.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Night Work
    Author: Glavinic, Thomas
    Publisher: PGW $ 15 ISBN: 9781847671844 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The routine of daily life is such that one goes to sleep with the security that tomorrow will arrive, just as it did today. Jonas, a young professional in contemporary Vienna, wakes up one morning to discover that he may be the last living being on Earth, in this fast-paced, psychological thriller.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Kieron Smith, boy
    Author: Kelman, James
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 26 ISBN: 9780151013487 Date: 2008
    "I had cousins at sea. One was in the Cadets. I was wanting to join. My maw did not want me to but my da said I could if I wanted, it was a good life and ye saved yer money, except if ye were daft and done silly things. He said it to me. I would just have to grow up first." James Kelman's triumph in Kieron Smith, boy is to bring us completely inside the head of a child and remind us what strange and beautiful things happen in there. Here is the story of a boyhood in a large industrial city during a time of great social change. Kieron grows from age five to early adolescence amid the general trauma of everyday life--the death of a beloved grandparent, the move to a new home. A whole world is brilliantly realized: sectarian football matches; ferryboats on the river; the unfairness of being a younger brother; climbing drainpipes, trees, and roofs; dogs, cats, sex, and ghosts. This is a powerful, often hilarious, startlingly direct evocation of childhood. - Publisher Marketing
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Esther's Inheritance
    Author: Marai, Sandor
    Publisher: Random $ 24 ISBN: 9781400045006 Date: 2008
    star PW star Booklist
    What is it like to be in love with a pathological liar and fantasist? Esther is, and has been for more than 20 years. Esther's Inheritance presents a remarkable narrator who delivers a story as both tragedy and comedy.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The World According to Bertie
    Author: McCall Smith, Alexander
    Publisher: Random $ 13.95 ISBN: 9780307387066 Date: 2008
    star Booklist
    The fourth charming installment in the bestselling 44 Scotland Street series continues the story of the ever-talented, ever-six-year-old Bertie.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Ultimate Weapon
    Author: McKenna, Shannon
    Publisher: Brava $ 14 ISBN: 9780758211897 Date: 2008
    star PW
    In a new romantic thriller packed with edgy, super-sexy action, McKenna draws readers into a terrifying, sexually charged world of thrilling suspense--where love is the riskiest game of all.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Shape of Mercy
    Author: Meissner, Susan
    Publisher: Waterbrook $ 13.99 ISBN: 9781400074563 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The lives of three women intersect in this dramatic tale of choices, consequences, and redemption.
    Updated 7.14.08
  • Sashenka
    Author: Montefiore, Simon
    Publisher: Penguin $ 27 ISBN: 9781416595540 Date: 2008
    star PW
    From the bestselling author of Young Stalin comes a sweeping novel of Russia in the early 20th century--a captivating tale of love, politics, family, and survival.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • A Mercy
    Author: Morrison, Toni
    Publisher: Random $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780307264237 Date: 2008
    star Booklist star PW star LJ
    Nobel Prize-winning author Morrison's latest masterpiece centers on a powerful tragedy involving a mother and daughter, and reveals how acts of mercy have unforeseen consequences.
    Updated 10.31.08
  • Songs for the Missing
    Author: O'Nan. Stewart
    Publisher: Penguin $ 23.95 ISBN: 9780670020324 Date: 2008
    On the heels of the critically acclaimed and bestselling Last Night at the Lobster comes this honest, heartfelt account of one family's attempt to find their missing child. O'Nan's novel begins with the suspense of a thriller and soon deepens into an affecting family drama of loss.
    Updated 8.19.08
  • The Yazoo Blues
    Author: Pritchard, John
    Publisher: John Blair $ 24.95 ISBN: 9781588382177 Date: 2008
    star PW
    The fictional narrator of Pritchard's novel lives in the complex stew of evolving race relations, failed economies, and corrupt politics that define much of the post civil rights rural Deep South--in Junior Ray's case, specifically in the Mississippi Delta.
    Updated 9.6.08
  • Testimony
    Author: Shreve, Anita
    Publisher: Little Brown $ 25.99 ISBN: 9780316059862 Date: 2008
    starLJ starBooklist
    At a New England boarding school, a sex scandal is about to break. Even more shocking is the fact that the sex acts were caught on videotape. Writing with a pace and intensity surpassing even her own greatest work, Shreve delivers a gripping emotional drama with the impact of a thriller.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Friendly Fire
    Author: Yehoshua, A.B.
    Publisher: Harcourt $ 26 ISBN: 9780151014194 Date: 2008
    With great artistry, Yehoshua has written a rich, compassionate, rewarding novel in which sharply rendered details of modern Israeli life and age-old mysteries of human existence echo one another in complex and surprising ways.
    Updated 10.1.08


  • Untamed
    Author: Clare, Pamela
    Publisher: Leisure $ 7.99 ISBN: 9780843954890 Date: 2008
    After he's captured by the French, Morgan MacKinnon becomes a spy within their camp, never realizing just how treacherous his conflicting loyalties will be when he falls in love with an innocent yet alluring mademoiselle.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Puschcart Prize XXXIII
    Author: Henderson, Bill (edt)
    Publisher: Norton $ 35 ISBN: 9781888889505 Date: 2008

    Updated 11.31.08
  • Blindspot
    Author: Kamensky, Jane
    Publisher: Bantam $ 24.95 ISBN: 9780385526197 Date: 2008
    Set in boisterous, rebellious Boston on the eve of the American Revolution, Blindspot ingeniously weaves together the fictional stories of a Scottish portrait painter and notorious libertine Stewart Jameson, and Fanny Easton, a fallen woman from one of Boston's most powerful families.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • Disquiet
    Author: Leigh, Julia
    Publisher: Penguin $ 12 ISBN: 9780143113508 Date: 2008
    star PW star Kirkus
    Olivia arrives at her mother's chateau in rural France--the first time in more than a decade--with her two young children in tow. Soon the family is joined by Olivia's brother Marcus and his wife Sophie--but this reunion is far from joyful, in this exquisitely written, atmospheric story.
    Updated 9.17.08
  • The Suicide Collectors
    Author: Oppegaard, David
    Publisher: St Martins $23.95 ISBN: 9780312381103 Date: 2008
    The Despair has plagued the earth for five years. Most of the world's population has inexplicably died by its own hand, and the few survivors struggle to remain alive. A mysterious, shadowy group called the Collectors has emerged, inevitably appearing to remove the bodies of the dead. But in the crumbling state of Florida, a man named Norman takes an unprecedented stand against the Collectors, propelling him on a journey across North America. It's rumored a scientist in Seattle is working on a cure for the Despair, but in a world ruled by death, it won't be easy to get there.
    Updated 11.31.08
  • The Livability: Stories
    Author: Raymond, Jonathan
    Publisher: Bloomsbury $ 15 ISBN: 9781596916555 Date: 2008
    A collection of rich, powerfully human stories from the author of The Half-Life and the movies Old Joy (one of the finest American films of the year (New York Times) and Wendy and Lucy.
    Updated 10.1.08
  • The Sweet In-Between
    Author: Reynolds, Sheri
    Publisher: Random $ 23 ISBN: 9780307393890 Date: 2008
    A "New York Times"-bestselling author weaves unforgettable characters and sumptuous Southern storytelling in this compelling novel of life in a small, Southern seaside town.
    Updated 11.31.08
  • The Traveler
    Author: Simkin, Darens
    Publisher: FSG $ 12.95 ISBN: 9780374116392 Date: 2008
    Charlie had a pretty nice life, but it wasn't perfect. So he traveled all over the world in search of the perfect thing to make him happy. However, that turns out to be much harder to find than he thinks, in this unique story about the relentless search for perfect happiness that preoccupies so many.
    Updated 11.31.08


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